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    There are some things that are meant to be together... Some things that it just doesn't seem right to imagine without automatically thinking of it's accompanying object.. Some things that are - inseparable..
old curtains and crucifixes.... as a type-writer and a golf club... ... as the words 'knifing' and 'clothes'... as a letter and a back.... as V.S.O.P. Brandy and hair wet with tears.. ... as Jacques and Perez... as all we'll ever know of heaven and all we need to know of hell...
as you and I..
Two joined in desperation... alone, no more.... thank you...
With eternal gratitude for your reaching out to me..
Imagine life without you? Impossible... my sorry self would have long before shuffled off this mortal coil if it weren't for the knowledge that you are there.. One year ago, you saved me.. and I am now, forever in your debt.. Most lovingly, happily, gratefully, indulgently, respectfully, eternally and faithfully -
Being your slave..
All my love