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baldmalk-(n) one of Malkovich's more attractive incarnations

baromalk - (n) intensity, pressure and weight of Malkovich's performance

basemalk - (n) fundamental Malkovich

Base Malk Rate - (stat.) how often Malkovich occurs in a film

Basiephile - (n) one who is bemalked by Basie, restricting their behaviour to Basie-likepursuits such as coin tricks, drinking only boiled water, stealing potatoes and making plans to escape WWII P.O.W. camps. 

bathomalk - (n) depth of Malkovich's performance

bemalk - (v) to affect with Malkovich or malkify

bemalked - (adv.) stunned or profoundly influenced by Malkovich


Biffilia - (n) another subset of  Malkomania where subject adores Biff Loman, characterised by stealing various objects, having ones childish ideals shattered and outbursts of fury followed by tearful sobbing. Subject also experiences siezures of the 'boy-Biff skipping bound'.

billet Malk doux - (Fr.) correspondence devoted entirely to the praise and adoration of Malkovich.

Binge Malking - watching 5 or more Malkmovies  at least once in the past 2 days

b-malk - (n) 1. Malkovich as asupporting cast member; 2. inferior grade Malkovich

bona malke -(Lat.) good or pleasant Malkovich

Brides of Malkovich - An order of women totally devoted to Malkovich, forsaking all others ...  Their primary motto being 'Dulce et Decorum est pro Malkia mori' and secondary motto being ' Aut Malk aut nihil', subsequently 'Noli me tangere - aut Malk aut nihil'

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