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da Malko - from the Malk

decantomalky  - (n) the act of chanting 'malkmalkmalkmalkmalkmalk' 

Deeleyism- (n) form of malkomania in which subject exhibits a tendency to stareup women's skirts, muses ( hmmm.. the word 'muse'.. you don't hear it very often..) over people's use of words and has an air of repressed lechery.  Subject is enamoured with Deeley.

deimalk - (n) see Malkgod 

delirium Malkem - (Lat.) state of being in a delirium caused by Malkovich

de Malko nil nisi Bonum - (Lat.) say nothing unless good of Malkovich

de Malk riguer - (fr) of  Malkovichian strictness 

demimalk - (n) half malk, not full Malk 

derniermalk - (n) the latest Malkovich

desuemalky - (n) the inauspicious practice of not using Malkovich 

deuteromalk - (n) Malkovich as a secondary character 

diamalk - through, during Malkovich eg. one should not talk diamalk 

diablermalky - (n) the magic associated with Malkovich 


dichotomalk- (n) two conflicting states of Malkovich eg. Jekyll / Hyde

dictum de omni et malko - (Lat.) statement  about all and Malkovich 

dies Malkii -  (Fr.) days of Malkovich, any succession of days that a malkocentric devotes entirely to malk-related activities 

dismalk - 1. (v) to take Malkovich out of something 
2. (v) (informal) something one should NEVER do

dolce Malka - sweet Malkovich

doxomalk - one who follows doxomalkology 

doxomalkology - (n) practice of praising and worshipping Malkovich 

dracomalk- (n) grave - looking, unsmiling Malkovich - like Malkovich staring at the horizon most of the time in a one-hour interview, never smiling and scaring the hell out of the interviewer

dragomalker - (n) an expert on, or guide to Malkovich 

dramatis Malkae - Malkovich in a play 

Dulce et decorum est pro malkia mori- (Lat.) it is fitting and good to die for Malkovich

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