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ectomalk- (n) outer, outside of Malkovich eg. these costume items were worn ectomalk

electromalk - (n) describes the electricity produced or transmitted  through a Malkovich performance or appearance

Elliotosis - form of malkomania in which subject holds a shotgun , threatening to act out a little fantasy, refuses to dance and smells of fish

encephalomalky - (n) to constantly have Malkovich on the brain

endomalk - (n) within or insideMalkovich eg. Being John Malkovich

en malk - in the style of Malkovich

enmalk - (v) to cause to be malkish

eomalk - (n) early, primeval Malkovich

Eripuit coelo fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis - (Lat.) HE snatched lightning from the heavens and the sceptrefrom the tyrant. 

erotomalk- 1.(n) erotic, desirous Malkovich 2.(v) to copulate diamalk

ethnomalk - (n) cultural Malkovich


euphemalk - 1. When Malkovich euphemises. eg. the beer bottle pop in True West; 2. (v) to malkorise instead of using regular language

euphormalkia - (n) the feelingof ecstatic pleasure and delight a malkomaniac derives from Malkovich.

eurythmalk- (n) 1. Malkovich with pleasing and harmonious rhythm  2.Malkovich appearing in an Annie Lennox video clip.

exmalk - 1. outside Malkovich2. formerly associated with Malkovich

excelsimalk - (n) higher Malkovich

exmalkorise- (v) to constantly quote Malkovich or Malkovich's characters by memory.  An example of this can be seen in the play 'What they didn't tell you,what you couldn't possibly know.' - a study in exmalkorism.

ex malk gratia - (Lat.) out of the kindness of Malkovich.

exhilamalked - (v) to have one's spirits lifted by malk-related activities. eg. sad Malkfan was exhilamalked by Malkwhore's malk-walking.

ex malk libris - (Lat.) 1.from the library of Malkovich; 2. your own library of Malkovich-related material.

ex parte Malk - (Lat.) on Malkovich's side in an argument.


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