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Dearest Maya,
Dale here... Mr Malkovich has allowed me to say a few words..
I hope all is going more than well.. it's now around 1:30pm Sunday here, so you should just about be coming out of His play now.. I wonder - did you like it? haha well, that's a dumb question, I guess.. I read the play again last night and today, with you and Him in mind.. I'm curious to know so many things about how He managed to stage this production, with all the effects etc. Perhaps when you find the necessary words you can tell me.. In the meantime, I might add in some wonderful iconomalks that were on ebay. The Port shot in Mr malkovich's letter is one that was there.. and here's another Port shot.. 
hehe I decided to entitle that shot 'Portpostmm'.. I'm sure you know what I mean.. and yes, I shall do penance for mentioning the mm.. How on earth I can be so irreverent when you are in the middle of soaking up the cultural output of the Great Man, I don't know.. well, yes I do.. - defense mechanism.. yet another opportunity to stupefy the Art Critic..  Here's another iconomalk.. I am absolutely in love with this shot.. it was very difficult finding these little treasures without having you there to act as my wailing wall when I became overwrought.. sigh..

 Mr Malkovich informs me that I am taking too long and wasting your valuabl;e time, so I shall go now..
I hope all is well and you are having the sweetest of times..
Go everywhere
Do everything
Be happy
Be triumphant's for life, Ms. Archer