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kalosmalk - (n) beautiful Malkovich.

kemptmalk - (n) Malkovich with a tidy, well-behaved, brief-cased demeanour

kerbmalk - (n) Malkovich by the roadside

khakimalk - (n) Malkovich in khaki attire (hey, it's just an excuse to throw in another shot of Basie)

kindermalk - (n) Malkovich for children eg. Santabear's High Flying Adventure

kinetimalk - (n) movement of Malkovich

kinetimalkics - (n) the study of the movement of Malkovich without reference to mass or force. This practice tends to involve a lot of sighing.

kipper - (n) what Lee keeps calling Saul Kimmer to annoy him and Austin. 'You tell him, Mr Kipper..'

kirtlemalk - (n) Malkovich in a dress -  see Kurtzophile

kitschmalk - (n) some would argue that Con-Air is the perfect example of kitschmalk, but more discerning critics would appreciate that Malkovich's interpretation of Cyrus is a dazzling piece of true comedic art.

kleptomalk - 1. when Malkovich plays a character who steals eg. Basie. Biff, Lee.. 2. purloined malkorabilia

kudosmalk - (n) the glory and fame derived from being Malkovich

Kurtzophile - (n) subset of malkomania in which subject emulates Malkovich as Kurtz. Sufferers are cruel to monkeys, mutter '..the horror... the horror..' and wear lovely flowing gowns with matching earrings. 


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