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magnum est Malkovich et prevaelebit - (Lat.) Malkovich is mighty and will prevail

Malk - (n) abbrev. for Malkovich - used by Malkovichians who say His name with great frequency.

malk - 1.(v) to malk -  implies the performance of  various Malkovich related activities eg. talking about Malkovich, watching Malkovich, practising Malk-walks, singing Malk-songs etc. malk, malking, malked, malker - one who malks 2. (inf.) the word is used as a substitute for non-Malk-related words to appease a Malkomaniacs need to include Him in some way in every sentence. eg - how are you malking? I malk well and you? quite malkish, malk you..  malk malk? malkmalk, malk malk! 3. an exclamation of great joy - MALK! 4. used as an excalmation to a deity - eg. Oh my Malk!

malkable - (adj) capable of becoming like or deserving of Malkovich

malkaceous - 1.(adj) relating to or having the nature of Malkovich 2.(inf. adj) equivalent to excellent, beautiful, wonderful or any positive superlative

malkage - (n) a collection of Malkovich related material

malkalgia - (Med.) the sensation of actual physical pain experienced when forced by untoward (anti-malk) influences to cease performing a malk-related activity. In severe cases, malkalgia can be experienced whenever engaged in non-malk-related activities.

Malkarian - see Malkovichian

malkaster - (n) an inferior imitator of Malkovich

malk-band - (n) a musical ensemble devoted entirely to the performance of malkmusic. One such group is 'Malkybits'

Malkgod - (Myth.) A benevolent yet, at times, capricious deity whose presence can be felt when those pleasant Malk-coincidences happen eg. when some longed for piece of malkorabilia becomes available, catching that glimpse of Him on screen whilst out and about.

malkish - (adj.) wonderful, excellent, quality of being Malk-like

malkmaenad - me

malk-malk dancers - (n) caged dancers in orange overalls, who rattle the bars in front of a malk-band

malkmusic - music produced by 'Malkybits'. Some examples of these inspired and heart-rending classics can be found in the Malkybits songbook.

malkocracy - (n) a state apparatus in which Malkovich rules

Malko fide - (Lat.) with faith in Malkovich

malkoflage - to disguise oneself as Malkovich or His characters eg. very nice suits, stained t-shirts, salvation army pants, overalls, prison overalls, guard uniforms etc.

malkologisms - (n) new words / phrases made up for the sole-purpose of describing Malkovich and His work, due to the inadequacy of the existing vocabulary. 

Malko morgana - (Lat.) vision of Malkovich

malkonaut - (n) one who travels a great distance in order to experience Malkovich related phenomena such as a play or film

malko-non-troppo - not to be strictly observed as Malkovich

malkonymia - (Med.) a pathological drive to use the names of Malkovich's characters for signing papers and forms

malkophasia - (Med.) the urgent wish to talk about Malkovich all the time

malkophile - (n) one who collects malkorabilia

malkoplexy - (Med.) sudden fit one is thrown into 'causa Malki'

malkorabilia - (n) objects reminding one of Malkovich

malkorisms - (n) New words beginning with 'malk'. See list.

Malkose - (adj.) resembling Malkovich

Malkosis - (Med.) condition requiring daily Malk-fixes

Malkovich - language patterns are sadly too deficient to describe Him and how He moves me...

Malkovichian - (n) a follower of Malkovich

malkship - (n) the state, fact or relation of being Malkovich

Malkovich mihi solus placet - (Lat.) Malkovich is the only one I like

Malkus ad portas - (Lat.) Malkovich at your door... 

malkus ex machina - (Psych. con.) a state in which Malkovich pops up unexpectedly, unpredictably and completely out of context in each and every conversation.

Malkus sine quo non - (Lat.) A Malkarian's way of refusing to see an amalk film i.e. 'Not without Malkovich'

Malk velut inter ignes luna minores (Lat.) Malkovich is like a moon among smaller fires

Malk vobiscum - (Lat.) Malkovich be with you

Malkybits - (n) a malk-band, performing only malk-music

Malky - (inf.) term of endearment

manque Malk - having missed Malkovich

mephistomalk - (n) Malkovich affecting a devilishly wicked air

mille ioci Malkis - (Lat.) thousandfold are the skills of Malkovich

Mitch Leary Syndrome - (Med.) Form of malkomaniacal behaviour whereby subject constantly changes personae, performs autoerotic acts on adversary's weapons and demands to be shown some GODDAMNED RESPECT. Subjects have a very pleasant way about them, yet are generally regarded as sick sons of bitches

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