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natatimalk - (n) swimming Malkovich

nautimalk - (n) sea-faring Malkovich

necromalk - (n) the death of a Malkovich character

necromalkophobia - (n) the irrational fear of the imminent death of a Malkovich character. Necromalkophobes find it virtually impossible to  watch Port die without sinking into a deep depression from which it takes time and energy to recover  ..(sob)..

nefarimalk - (n) wicked, villainous Malkovich

neomalk - (n) new Malkovich, in composition

nepenthemalk - (n) the sorrow-dispelling drug that is Malkovich

nephomalk - cloudy, misty Malkovich

nethermalk - (n) lower Malkovich

neuromalkosis - (med.) functional derangement due to a  nervous system disordered by a lack of Malkovichian stimuli

nexumalk - ligomalked, bound to Malkovich

Nickophilia - subset of malkomania where one is taken by Malkovich as Nick Gage. Subjects are compelled to travel afar to avenge family members and tend to tape-record most conversations


nictatimalk - (n) winking Malkovich eg. 'How's that, Pop? Professional?'

nihil est einem Teddyio amabilius - (Lat.) Nothing/noone is more amiable than Teddy

nihil Malko invium - (Lat.) Nothing is unfeasible for Malkovich

Nil desperandum - Malkovich vitae - (Lat.) Do not despair - Malkovich lives..

noctomalk - (n) Malkovich of the night

nonpariel - (n) unrivalled, unequalled, unique, a person or thing without equal - that would be - Mr. Malkovich

noli me tangere - aut malk aut nihil - (Lat.) Do not touch me - it's either Malkovich or nothing!

nougat - (n) generally uninteresting word unless uttered by Malkovich

nom de malk - an assumed name under which a person malks


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