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oblatiomalk - (n) an offering to Malkovich

oblivimalk - (n) forgetful Malkovich

ochlomalk - (collec. n) a crowd of Malkoviches

ointmalk - (n) malksalve

Omnia ad Malkum Gloria - (Lat.) All for the glory of Malkovich

Omnia vincit amor Malki - (Lat.) Malklove conquers everything

onomalkopoeia - (n) words formed in phonetic emulation of an accented Malkovich utterance. Eg. 'Eet hurts, doesn't eet?' 'pay heem.. pay thet myan hees maney..' etc.

operomalk - (n) hard working, industrious, laborious Malkovich

ophidiomalk - (n) serpent-like Malkovich

Oratio ad captandum Malkum - (Lat.) a speech to please Malkovich

oraculamalk - (n) any of His utterances that seem divinely inspired

oratomalk - (n) any Malkovich speech of  length. Some oratomalks become orisomalks.

orfeomalk - (n) harp-playing Malkovich singing melancholy songs - sadly lacking in the catalogue of Malkovich personae thus far..

orisomalk - (n) a prayer to Malkovich, often a repetition of an oratomalk.

ornomalk -  (n) decorative Malkovich 2.(n) an item of decoration relating to Malkovich.

Osmondophilia -  Form of malkomania.  Sufferers find themselves to be absolutely in love with Malkovich as Gilbert Osmond. Subjects display adorable taste and have the gentlest, kindest, lightest spirits. Subjects plan to be as quiet as possible yet are (unfairly) perceived as sterile dilettantes.

Osmondo - anima candida - (Lat.) Osmond - a pure soul

Out Malk, Malk - (theatr.) to overplay or ham a Malkovich character. Taken from 'Out Herod, Herod' (Hamlet, Act III, Scene II)

outre malk - (Fr.) eccentric, bizarre Malkovich


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