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rallentamalko - (n) slow-motion Malkovich

ranch - a ranch? I could get me a ranch?

rapinamalk - (v) to sieze forcibly or plunder malkorabilia

ratiomalk - (n) thinking,  meditative Malkovich

ratusmalk - (n) authorative Malkovich

reanimalk - (v) to restore spirit to one through malkmeans

recondomalk - (v) to hide or store away malkorabilia

recumbomalk - (n) reclining Malkovich


regnamalk - (n) Regal, royal Malkovich eg. Charles VII

rhabdomalky - when Malkovich uses a divining rod to find water

rhadamalkine - (n) rigorously just and severe Malkovich

rodomalkade - (n) extravagant, boastful Malkovich

Russomalk - (n) Russian Malkovich

rutilomalk - (n) blushing Malkovich


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