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 lacrymalk - (n) crying Malkovich eg. Biff Loman, Tom Wingfield etc.

lascivimalk - (n) wanton, lecherous Malkovich

Lee - Archmalk

Leeism - very common subset of malkomania. Subjects talk with a wet-lipped, thick-tongued, drunken lisp, steal electrical appliances, have a great deal of unresolved rivalry with siblings and are true artists at heart. Sufferers can be identified by their 'classic pigeon-toed shuffle', the ability to down an entire can of beer - after which they screw it up and bounce it off the nearest person's head and the tendency to smash typewriters with golf-clubs.

Lenniosis - subset of Malkomania where one has an affection for Lennie. Symptoms are - a penchant for carrying around dead mice (that aren't fresh), a fondness for petting nice things & bean with ketchup and walking with a lumbering, shuffling gait. Those in proximity to sufferers of Lenniosis are effected by an increased protective urge toward the subject.

leximalkography - (n) the practice of writing, compiling every word Malkovich says

leucomalk - (n) white, pale Malkovich - see choleromalk illustration

ligomalked - bound to Malkovich

lithomalk - (n) stony, cold, immovable Malkovich eg. Valmont in the 'Beyond my control' scene

locus amoenus - (Lat.) lit. 'lovely place' - anywhere Malkovich is

logomalky - (n) the practice of speaking like Malkovich

lubrimalk - (n) slippery Malkovich

lumbermalk - (n) Lee beating the typewriter with his golf-club. 

lux malkii - (Lat.) the light of Malkovich

lyrimalk - (n) poetic Malkovich eg. Tom - Glass Menagerie


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