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abmalk - (adj) away from Malkovich eg. Keep watergirl abmalk

Ab Malko Principium - (Lat.) Malkusomnia plena - From Malk (take) the beginning, everything is filled with Malkovich

Absolute  Malkovich - (n) perfect Malkovich eg. Valmont

abstract Malkovism - (n) theoreticalMalkovich

act of Malk - sudden or inevitable occurence caused by Malkovich

admalk - (adj) to, towards, near or next to Malkovich  eg. sitting across a table from Teddy KGB (Rounders)

a la Malk - (Fr.) in the manner or style of Malkovich, prepared by Malkovich

All Malkovich's Eve - 9th December, day of thankfulness and worship.

allomalk - (n) variants of Malkovich

alphabet malk - a malk-game in which as each letter of the alphabet is listed, players must find a malk-associated word to correspond to the A - athos, B- Biff, C - Cyrus, D- Death of a Salesman etc.

alphamalk - (n) highest formof Malkovich ie. Lee - True West

Al Rockoff Syndrome - a condition in which the subject runs around witha camera, pretending to be Malkovich as Rockoff, characterised by hanging lenses and cameras around one's neck and refusing to eat oysters.

amalk - not or without Malkovich eg.
"I find there is no point in seeing amalkfilms"

ambi or amphimalk - both sides of Malkovich



Anima naturaliter Malkovichiana- (Lat.) a soul that is, by its nature, Malkovichian.

andromalk - Masculine form of Malkovich

anglomalk - Malkovich affecting an English accent and mannerisms.

anno Malkovich - (Lat.) the year of our Malkovich eg. "tis now Anno Malkovich 46"

annus miribilus - (Lat.) any year in which Malkovich undertakes several projects

Anorexia malkosa - (Med.) an eating disorder characterised by an irrational pursuit of  Malkovich .  Subject experiences an irrational compulsion to consume only foods which have some relation to Him. eg. jello, spaghetti, boiledwater, potato, oreo cookie eating.

antemalk - (n) before Malkovich appears eg. "In my anticipation, I fast-forwarded all of the antemalk"

Anterograde malknesia - (med.) An impaired ability to form long-term memory for new information that is not Malkovich related.

apomalk - the furtherest possible point away from Malkovich eg. "Being in the southern hemisphere, I feel so apomalk..."

Archmalk - eminent above all other forms of Malkovich

argumentum ad Malkovich - (Lat.) argument appealing to Malkovich eg. "I turned down his advances an the grounds of an argumentum ad Malkovich" (he just wasn't Malkovich)

Athosism- (n) 1. a practise in which one is cavalier, waxes lyrical and uses asword that is far too heavy for them. 2. Another subset of Malkomania, where one is enamoured of Athos.

Ave, Malkoturi te Salutant -(Lat.) Hail, those who are about to Malk salute you!

Aut Malk aut nihil - (Lat.) Either Malkovich or nothing!

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