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facetiomalk- (n) jocular, witty or droll Malkovich.

falsettomalk - (n) Malkovich affecting a squeaky voice eg. 'MyDaddy is coming home on July 14th..' or 'Where you gonna go, Austin?'

ferocimalk- (n) fierce, warlike Malkovich

fiat Malk, ruit caelum - (Lat.) Let there be Malkovich, though the heavens fall.

fidelimalky - (n) faith or loyalty to Malkovich

fluctumalk - (n) flowing Malkovich or waves of Malkovich.

foremalk - (n) early or pioneering Malkovich

forteMalk - strong Malkovich

fragmalkary - (n) small pieces and scenes of Malkovich.

fraternimalk- (n) brotherly, affable, nipple-squeezing, towel-snapping, shot of orange juice-drinking Malkovich.

'frenzied over Malk'  - A game in which a word or phrase is given and players must find as many malk-associations to that word aspossible, usually to a set response time. eg. phrase- eye glasses. List- Port had sunglasses in Sheltering Sky, Mitch Leary wore sunglasses in'Line of Fire',  Timms wore spectacles, Cyrus wore eye-protection as part of  the sandstorm gear. etc..

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