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cafe au Malk - (Fre.) coffee with Malkovich. (wouldn't it be nice?)

cardiomalk - (n) to have Malkovich in your heart

Carpe Malkem - (Lat.) Sieze the Malk!

carpomalk - (n) seed or fruit of Malkovich

cashmalk - (n) soft, downy, natural, curly, Malkovich hair eg. True West (sans sideburns)

catamalk - (n) degenerative Malkovich

Catatonic Malkophrenic - (Psych) a person whose most prominent malkophrenic symptom is unusual malk-related movements, such as facial grimaces, repetition of purposeless gestures, difficulty in co-ordinating motor-movements or maintaining an appropriate posture brought upon by a compulsion to emulate Malkovich.

Causa Malkii - (Lat.) because of Malkovich

Chanson de Malk - (Fre.) song of Malkovich eg. "Nothing makes me sadder..." or Blinded by the Light

Charlus' Syndrome - condition is which subject is deeply enamoured of Baron de Charlus, leading to all manner of desperate behaviour, such as learning French, vowing revenge on former lovers, and in extreme cases, subject also becomes partial to a little masochism.

checkmalk - (v) to outmalk another

chez Malk - (Fre) at the home of Malkovich

chimalkerica - (n) wildly fanciful Malk-dreams

chiromalky- (n) by the hand of Malkovich

choleromalk - (n) bad-tempered or ill Malkovich

choreomalk - (n) dancing Malkovich

chromatomalk - (n) colours of Malkovich

cinemalk - (n) Malkovich on film

circumalk - (v) to surround Malkovich

civismalk - (n) Citizen Malkovich

Classical Malk Conditioning - (psych) condition in which a Malkfan learns that the watching of a malkmovie (stimuli) will precede certain personal events eg. euphoria (response) 

Clownosis - (n) a variant of Malkomania where subject is unfaithful, remorseful of infidelity and finally is brought to knees at the sight of a baby...sufferers are deeply moved by Malkovich's Clown and his transformation from insensitive beast to protective glycomalk. 

Cogito ergo Malk - (Lat.) "I think therefore I malk"

codamalk - (n) the concluding Malkovich part eg. "Blow out your candles, Laura"

Cognitive Malk  Dissonance - (psych) A discrepancy between two inconsistent Malkovich cognitions eg..Malkovich in True West  / Malkovich in Making Mr. Right.; Malkfans will be motivated to reduce this dissonance by refusing to see Making Mr Right.

comalk - (n) together or jointly with Malkovich

commedia dell'malk - (n) comedy of Malkovich

comosemalk - (n) Malkovich with tufts of hair

complementumalk - (n) fitting to, or goes with Malkovich

compomalk - (n) a mix of differing forms of Malkovich

Compus Malk Mentis - (Lat) of sound Malk mind

con brio malk - Malkovich performing with liveliness and spirit

concupiscence -(n) natural reaction to Malkovich

contigumalky -(n) touching or in contact with Malkovich

contramalky - (n) contrary to, opposing Malkovich

copromalk - (n) obscene Malkovich

Corpus Malkem - (Lat.) Body of Malkovich

cosmalk - (n) universal Malkovich

coup de Malk - (Fr) blow of Malkovich

craniomalkology - (n) fervent study of baldmalk

Credo quia malkii - (Lat.) I believe because it is Malkovich

cryptomalk - (n) mysterious Malkovich

cthonomalk - (n) Malkovich of the underworld

Cyromania - (n) rare sub-form of Malkomania, in which the individual is strangely attracted to the mephistomalky of  Cyrus the damned Virus. Associated gait - 'Cyro-running-stumble'

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