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haemomalk- (n) bloody Malkovich

hagiomalk - (n) Saint Malkovich

handimalk - (n) crafty Malkovich eg. embroidering Malkovich

haplomalk - (n) single Malkovich (sadly obsolete)

haptomalky - (n) the desire to touch Malkovich

harmonimalk - (n) agreeable Malkovich or Malkovich singing 'Stairway to Heaven'

hegemalky - (n) the belief that Malkovich should lead us all

heliomalk- (n) the radiance akin to sunlight that is produced by a Malkovich smile eg. crooked bow-tie man

herpetomalk - (n) reptilian Malkovich

hippomalk- (n) Malkovich on horseback eg. Athos, Abel


honoris malki causa - (Lat.) As a sign of repect for Malkovich.

hetaerismalk fixation - (psych.) the desire to be Malkovich'sconcubine

hieromalk - Holy Malkovich

hierarmalky - (n)  rule or government by doxomalks

holomalk - (n) Malkovich in entirety

hubris - (n) insolent pride that leads to writing insulting articles on Malkovich

hydromalk - unsettling phase when Malkovich was with watergirl

hypermalk - much, a great deal of, or an excess of Malkovich 

hypnomalkosis - (n) state of mesmerism brought about by Malkovich

hypsomalkic dispute - the ongoing debate as to the height of Malkovich

Hydeism -  subset of Malkomania in which subject is enamoured of Hyde.  Sufferers begin walking with a strange shuffling limp and exhibit a keen sense of smell and a taste for oblivion. 

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