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geographomalky - (n) the study of Malkovich's location at any given time...also erroneously referred to as stalking, which is more the practice of being at Malkovich's location at any given time..(a practiceNOTpromoted or endorsed by the writers of this guide).

gerimalk- (n) elderly Malkovich eg. General Timms

gestalt malkology - (psych) System of belief holding that all Malkovich phenomena is arranged in patterns or structures, needing to be perceived as a whole and not just the sum of its parts.

gesticumalk- (v) to motion face, head, hands, body in the fashion of Malkovich in order to express or emphasise something. eg. motioning hands in the same confusing manner as Valmont does, when explaining about switching the key, to Cecile.

glammalk - Malkovich's platform period. (photographs desperately needed)

glossomalky - (v) to speak in the language of Malkovich or touse malkorisms.



glycomalk- (n) heart-breakingly sweet, honorable Malkovich or Malkovich the Clown of Shadows and Fog, or Athos.

graphomalkology- (n) ardent study of Malkovich's handwriting.

gregarimalk -  (n) Malkovich in a good mood, enjoying the company of others

gustamalky - to have a(n adorable) taste for Malkovich.

gymnomalk - (n) naked Malkovich. 

gynomalkology - (n) the study of women in Malkovich's life. Another practice NOT endorsed by the writers of this guide

gyromalky-  (v) rotating Malkovich, especially associated with choreomalk


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