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quantum malkanics - the system of mechanics Malkovich uses to describe the behaviour of atoms, molecules and elementary particles. For an example of this - see General Timms' speech in MF

quasi-malk - (n) Malkovich in appearance only

Quasimalko - (n) Malkovich as a grumpy hunchback

quixotimalk - (n) extravagantly chivalrous, idealistic but impracticable Malkovich eg. Athos

quodcumque libuit facere Malki, licet - (Lat.) Whatever Malkovich pleases, He is free to do.

quos amor Malki verus tenuit, tenebit - (Lat.)  where there is true malklove, there is faithfulness

quos Malkovich vult perdere, prius dementat - (Lat.) those whom Malkovich wishes to destroy, He first makes insane

quotidimalk - (n) Malkovich every day


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