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iconomalk- (n) image of Malkovich

iconomalkolatry - (n) the worship of images of Malkovich

Idee malk fixe - (Fr.)  Malkovich obsession

idiosynmalkcracy - (n) a tendency to behave in an affected mannerafter seeing Malkovich in something. Behaviour can  range from character emulation to personal despondence 

ikebamalk - (n) Malkovich arranging flowers ('the sissier thebetter')

impedimalk - (n) a hindrance or obstruction to enjoying Malkovich related activities

inamorato Malkovich - to be in love with Malkovich

incarcemalk- (n) Malkovich in jail eg. Cyrus



incensomalk- (n) 1. angry Malkovich 2. malk-related scent 

incumalkus - (n) ghostly Malkovich that visits in dreams.
Iinfra Malki dignitatum - (Lat.) beneath the dignity of Malkovich

In loco malk - in place of, instead of Malkovich

In Malko dulcitudo et veritas - (Lat.) - In Malkovich there is sweetness and truth

in Malko veritas - (Lat.) In Malkovich there is truth

in medias malk - (Lat.) in the middle of Malkovich

In saecula saeculorum Malk - (Lat.) Malkovich forever and ever.

interior malkologue - the state of silently repeating Malkovichor Malkovich character speeches to yourself when talking to others about non-malk-related matters

intramalk - (n) within, inside Malkovich, akin to endomalk

in transitu Malk - (Lat.) on the way to Malkovich

ipse malk dixit - (Lat.) Malkovich, Himself said it

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